Digging Up Bones, Baby! (EP)

by Amateur Anthropologist

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The "Digging Up Bones, Baby!" EP was recorded in Alex's garage using lo-fi recording techniques powered entirely by solar power. That's right, this EP is super green. It was recorded in three days at the end of summer 2009.


released September 19, 2009

All instrumentation, songs, recording, producing, noise making, and America loving is done by AMATEUR ANTHROPOLOGIST.




all rights reserved


Amateur Anthropologist Dearborn Heights

Alex, Paco and Josh

"These young, rock 'n' romp upstarts are doing it in Detroit the hard way. Starting at the Token playing to staff, they've since kept company with Danny Kroha and played all the city's venerable venues, buzzing up the town. They blend punk and pop, but aren't pop punk." - Metro Times Detroit ... more

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Track Name: New Mistake
Hello baby, how you doin'? Do you know what I've been through?
Can you tell me what you're losin'? Maybe I should be like you.

Can you give me what you take?
Let me be your new mistake.
Maybe when the haze is gone, you'll understand why you were wrong.

Goodbye darling nice to meet you. Don't you know what we've been through?
Let me show you what you're losin'. I will never be like you.

Track Name: Take 5
I don't really think that you know who I am, and I don't really care what you say to your friends.
Just know that someday if you're left all alone, I'll be there to see that you make it home.

And I want to go where the sun don't shine, where I am yours and you are mine.

Don't worry about what our critics may say. We'll just laugh as we throw all our problems away.
This world's full of right, this world's full of wrong, but I know a place where the world gets along.

It's a place where he echoes his words in advance. A message of love, giving peace one more chance.
He bled out his finish, but his message remains. "We're in this together we all dream the same."
Track Name: Dance Your Way to Hell (If You Want)
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance your way to hell! If you want.

I go dancin' every Saturday night.
I get my freak on right.
I stay out as late as I want.
'Cause I sleep in on Sunday.

The preaching man says I damned to hell.
But I just don't care.
I've sold my soul before.
And I'll do it again.
Track Name: The Nightingale
I am a stranger. And I travel this lonely land. My thoughts are weary. And my boots are filled with sand. I've been searching for her. To find where I belong. But the road is twisted. And the journey is long. Though the sea is violent. She calls me home. She sent the nightingale. So I'm not alone. She sings me stories. About the times of old. She keeps me safe. From those who want my soul. But I tricked the devil. I made her forget my name. I walked beside her. I carried her lonely flame.